About Sterling

Sterling Pumps Sterling is a manufacturer of standard and custom-designed pumps based on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. Sterling provides a world-class product for a variety of heavy industry, mining, irrigation, fire and process industries with submersible, sea water-lift and aboveground models for a variety of applications and flow rates.

Sterling is part of the global WPIL International group alongside WPIL India Ltd, Mathers Ltd (United Kingdom) and APE Pumps (South Africa) – all world leaders in custom design and manufacturing. The group works together to share designs, technology, processes and parts for their own operations and client requirements in order to achieve the highest possible quality product.


The speciality of Sterling Pumps lies in its ability to provide custom solutions for vertical, case, turbine and submersible pumps. Sterling has provided products and services to leading gas, oil, and mining operations throughout the world – maintaining these relationships through the dedicated after-sales service and an enduring ability to provide effective and dependable custom solutions.

Sterling manufactures custom and standard:

  • API pumps for oil and gas
  • ESP seawater lift, closed and open drain pumps
  • VS1 seawater lift and fire pump service
  • VS6 for closed drain applications
  • Submersible motor models (0.5kw to 600kw, 415v to 11kv)
  • Vertical and horizontal dewatering pumps for industrial applications
  • Multistage pumps

Current Product Certifications and Standards

  • NCSI ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate 2013
  • NFPA 20 – Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection
  • API 610 (11th Ed.) – Pump Reliability Standard

To find out more about Sterling’s capabilities and products, please make contact online or
call +61 (0)3 5941 3400.