Solar Pumps

Cost-effective solar pumps

With minimal capital expenditure and short payback times, Sterling Pumps solar pumping system, Heliopump, is the perfect solution for reducing fuel costs.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our pumps stand out from the rest of the market due to their smart programming and control systems, which are integrated to guarantee continuous power supply.

Advanced control systems

By simply using an app – available on smartphones and tablets – users can program how much water their pumping system is required to pump over a day, week or even a whole season, and the controls will ensure that requirement is met.

Monitor and control the power supply, output, water flow and bore conditions from anywhere using the interactive web and app based control system.

Have confidence in a control system that is smart enough to revert to its pre-programmed settings if it doesn’t receive any outside input.

The control systems monitor the pumps output and can bring in additional power sources if necessary, to meet the pre-programed requirements.

Pumps for varying applications

Our solar pumps can be used in municipal water supplies, irrigation, wastewater supplies, dewatering and mining.

We have two ranges of solar pumps, for large and small-scale applications:

Large-scale solar pump

These large units can deliver fully integrated modular solar pumping solutions up to 300kW.

Small-scale solar pumps

Sterling’s Permanent Magnet DC Pumps are perfect for smaller bores as they have high efficiency motors and units, and use 2-10 panels, depending on specific requirements.

Features include:

  • System monitoring is achieved via a computer or phone
  • Pumping system can switch between power supplies (solar, direct drive diesel, diesel generator, grid)
  • System can be automatic or programed to start and stop remotely
  • The system can run until it has pumped a set volume of water then turn itself off
  • The system can run for a set amount of time before turning itself off
  • The pump has inbuilt protections in the event of: overload, under current, over temperature, locked rotor, phase failure, phase imbalance or signal loss (3G)
  • The diesel engine displays: oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery voltage, engine speed, fuel level and fault 
  • The electric motor displays: motor temperature (up to 5 RTDs), volts, amps, kW, power factor and fault 

Find out more

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