Heavy Duty, High Performance Vertical Turbine Pumps

Whether you’re looking for heavy duty, continuous operation or high performance, energy efficiency, Sterling has a range of vertical turbine pumps to meet your industry demands.

We design and manufacture vertical turbine pumps for applications including fire fighting, condensate recovery, seawater lift, as well as fuel and chemical transfer.

Industry Applications

Products for industry applications include:

  • Fire Turbine Pumps

    Our specially designed fire systems are available in a large selection of flow rates and materials. The unit produces a flat performance curve enabling them to be used in all fire applications including NFPA compliant projects.

    They can be staged as needed to meet specific pressure requirements with length and construction adaptable to meet your specifications. Standard construction offers the discharge head in cast iron with fabricated steel columns, cast iron or stainless steel shaft and head and bronze fitted bowls.
    These units do not require priming from 1500 LPM to 18000 LPM with pressures to 240 MWC.

  • Condensate Turbine Pumps

    These units are specifically designed for condensate recovery. The barrel type design allows for efficient pumping in very low NPSHA environments.
    Standard construction materials are carbon steel fitted with graphite bearings, however other material options are available upon request.

  • Seawater Lift Turbine Pumps

    These high flow units are specifically designed for moving large volumes of seawater. The standard construction materials are duplex stainless steel fitted with silicon carbide bearings. Other material options are available upon request.

  • Chemical Turbine Pumps

    The materials and sealing systems selected for this pump range ensures reliability and long service life. These units are used for pumping fuel and other chemicals from underground tanks. The bowl assembly immersed in the liquid eliminates suction lines and simplifies system design.
    These units are available in many specifications and construction materials to suit your application.

Ask About Custom Design

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today to find out more about custom design and manufacturing solutions for your industry application.