Submersible Motors

Sterling’s submersible motor designs are manufactured for long and reliable service. Constructed from either stainless steel AISI316, marine bronze, SAF2205, SAF 2507, Cu Ni 90 10, Monel K500 or Zeron 100 they are available in a variety of sizes and capacities and are water-filled, negating the need for coolant. The submersible motor can be coupled to any radial or semi-axial pump with single or multiple stages and can operate from 0.5kw to 600kw.

High quality laminations and good design allows the standard motor to operate in water up to 50°C ambient. Over sized journal and thrust bearing provide rigid support and extended motor life.

Proven electrical designs from 400v through to 11000v give a wide range of options to designers particularly off shore and deep mine dewatering.