Get Sterling Submersible Pumps for Demanding Applications

Rely on Sterling Pumps for submersible pumps and motors fabricated in tough, corrosion resistant materials, delivering efficiency and reliable operation in demanding conditions.
We have developed a niche range of submersible pumps for offshore industry with applications including caisson, sea water lift, fire fighting and transfer of hyrdocarbons.

Units comply with API 610 and NFPA standards.

Features include:

  • Units that can run with a diesel engine in case of a fire
  • Units which are compact and can be easily fitted into a caisson which is freely suspended at the rising main, saving platform space.
  • Motors which are water filled and connected to a pressurised header tank on the platform, ensuring any water leakage does not hamper operation.
  • Submersible pumps and motors in varied metallurgy including nickel aluminium bronze, Super Duplex stainless steel, Inconel 625 and Ni Resist.
  • All patterns and castings are subject to extensive quality checks to ensure units are manufactured to handle severe offshore conditions.
  • Units can be custom manufactured to client specification.

Submersible Pumps for Offshore Industry

Our submersible pumps can be found in many major oil and gas projects including the Chevron Australia ‘Wheatstone’ project in Western Australia.
The units are used for seawater and hydrocarbon lift, and a fire water service for off shore operations.

We are a supplier to the Chevron Australia ‘Gorgon’ project in Western Australia, providing the main seawater supply pumps for the project.

We have also supplied submersible fire pumps and seawater lift units to Origin Energy’s Yolla platform, in Bass Strait.

Sterling Pumps has the technology and advanced engineering capability to service the requirements of offshore oil and gas industries around the world.

Other Applications

Other units in our range include:

  • Deep Well

Our dedicated range of deep well submersible pumps have been specially designed for operation coupled to any NEMA standard submersible motor. Many models are available featuring stacked impellers with separate shaft sleeves providing long service life and ease of maintenance. All submersible pumps have the option of integral non return valve.
  • Pressure Boosting

Our proven deep well submersible pumps can be fitted into an inline shroud.
This system can be used to boost water pressure in municipal water supply lines using minimal space with very low noise emissions.

Get Prompt Delivery

A standard range of units is available for prompt delivery, or talk to us about custom design and manufacture to meet your industry requirements.
Rely on our experienced team for expert advice from design through to installation.

To get a quote or find out more, call +61 (0)3 5941 3400 or submit an online enquiry today.